Non-bank non-bank loan

Virtually every person will find themselves in a difficult financial situation for once. Even the most accurate planning of expenses can not prepare for the surprises that sometimes serves us life. A broken car, an unexpected stay in the hospital, a sudden failure of pipes at home … All this is associated with significant expenses […]

60-day loan – where do you get it?

  A month is not enough to pay back the loan? Now you can borrow money for up to 60 days and it’s completely free! See companies that offer loans with a repayment period of up to two months! Until now, we had two types of products on the non-banking market: payday loans (with repayment […]

Big changes are coming: can borrowing be difficult next year?

There will be big changes in lending next year. The MNB and the government are preparing to tighten the conditions. Several limits are put in place to curb over-indebtedness, and loans can be more expensive by regulating interest periods. Is it better to borrow more this year? The MNB’s decree, which will come into effect […]

Loan with the guarantor – Payday Loans

Although it is not as usual anymore, a guarantor can be a solution for you who have difficulty borrowing money. Nowadays people are more often used instead of a co-borrower. Now, it is actually quite the same if you assume that the co-borrower does not intend to help with the repayment of the loan first. […]

Interest rates on mortgage loans

Whenever examining the possibilities of solutions in this current market, it is common to get a traditional bank to request its client to present plus verify their income in order to assess whether they will be solvent and able to return the cash granted in the future in time plus shape.   Why home mortgages […]

Waiting or credit?

Many people are in the position of wanting to get an apartment without self-sufficiency. What are their options, what can the experts advise them? First, what does selflessness mean? This term is usually used when buying a property if the client does not have his own resources that he could spend on the loan in […]

These fees cause the greatest debt

The fact that many Swedes are indebted is something that we are aware of. In fact, the debt mountain at Dingloan is worth about SEK 66 billion to the public sector! But where do all these debts come from? Many people believe that all debts are the result of a poor and unstable economy, but […]