60-day loan – where do you get it?


A month is not enough to pay back the loan? Now you can borrow money for up to 60 days and it’s completely free! See companies that offer loans with a repayment period of up to two months!

Until now, we had two types of products on the non-banking market: payday loans (with repayment periods of up to 30-31 days) or installment loans (where money was borrowed for at least 3 months). While loans with longer repayment periods have always had their price – regardless of whether the borrower was a permanent or new client of the company, the payday loan could be taken for free. However, the only condition for a short-term loan was the need to return the cash on time.

Unfortunately, not a month for everyone is enough time to organize funds for repayment of debt. Fortunately, there are more and more companies offering short-term loans with longer repayment periods on the non-bank market. Now we no longer have to borrow money for only 30 days, and we can spread the payday payday dividends over 60 days. What’s more, we often won’t pay a penny for it!

60-day loan – how does it work?

60-day loan - how does it work?

We’ll find the instant-on for two months on the internet the fastest. The application for such a loan looks exactly the same as for 30-day products. It’s enough to use the sliders on the lender’s website to select the amount we need and mark that we need 60 days to repay the liability.

The loan we have chosen will be repaid in two equal installments. The first of them must be returned after one month of the contract, and the second after 60 days. Although this may seem uncomfortable at first, lenders are well aware that this is the best repayment method for both customers and themselves. If after two months we had to repay the whole loan at one time, it could heavily burden our household budget. By repaying the debt in parts, it will be easier to organize funds for its repayment.

Loan companies usually allow you to spread your repayments over 60 days only if you borrow larger amounts. With pay-outs of 500 USD, this is unlikely to be possible. In addition, we must remember that when using free loan offers, you must strictly stick to installment repayment dates. Any delay can cause the loan conditions without costs to cease to apply, and we, in addition to standard payments for payday loans, will also have to pay penalty interest.



Most loan offers for 60 days are products for 0 USD. So if you are thinking about choosing a loan repayment period, consider repayment options after two months. This convenience costs you nothing, and thanks to that you can protect yourself against late repayment. Sometimes we are not able to determine how much time we will need to organize funds to pay the payday payday payment. So it’s better to give it a little more and not worry that we will not fulfill the contract.