Waiting or credit?

Many people are in the position of wanting to get an apartment without self-sufficiency. What are their options, what can the experts advise them?

First, what does selflessness mean?


This term is usually used when buying a property if the client does not have his own resources that he could spend on the loan in addition to the amount of the loan – this could be cash, employer loan, bank deposit.

There are two options at this time, or you want to buy an apartment right away and take out a rather large loan. Or we’ll raise some money for a couple of years and start buying real estate with some self-sufficiency. So we will have to use less credit, which has long-term benefits.

It is worth supporting the money growth

Making your own money can be done with the help of a home savings fund, so we need at least four years – although there are credit combinations that can get you out of the contract sooner – but the state supports our growth.

If you want to wait , you might want to start with as many LTP contracts in your family as possible and thus raise as much capital as possible (which can only be used for real estate purchase). In addition, we can put our money in government securities, for example, so we can guard against the risk of interest rate increases.

What is the risk?

What is the risk?

If you postpone buying your own home for years , there is a risk that current housing market conditions may change and the price of real estate may be higher later on. This process, for example, has taken place over the past two years, but the last twenty years have been characterized by difficult to predict surges. The other possible risk of rising interest rates.

Both processes are difficult to predict – as much as predicting that rising real estate prices may not be accompanied by rising interest rates on loans – anyway, those who are borrowing now are far better off than ever.

If we do not wait and buy our dream home on credit now, despite the depressed property prices, the loan is cheaper for us than it has been for a few years, the repayments are so low.

What is not to be forgotten is that we can change our credit at any time, that is, if an even better home loan appears on the market, we can reduce our down payment at a later date.